Level1- Rules (CMV)

Rules level 1 – Cool Moves Volley –

Level 1: Throwing, catching, moving
Age                             6-7 years old
Number of players  4 players pro team
Court:                         6×4½ meter
Net height:                2.00 meter
Goal                           The players try to get the ball over the net on to the floor of the opponent.

The ball can be thrown into the court over the net from any spot in the court. It’s allowed that the ball touches the net. The referee needs not to wissle to start. The first ball had to be thrown directly to keep the flow in the game.


1. Every time a player throws the ball over the net, the whole team rotates a clockwise position. It’s a duty to turn around.
2. The players are not allowed to walk with the ball.
3. When the distance up to the net is too big, the player can pass the ball to a team-member and then the ball is played over the net.
4. The ball may touch the net.
5. It’s able to catch a ball via a teammate.
6. When a player drops the ball or throws the ball out of court or throws the ball into the net, or touches the ball before it goes out of play, this player has to leave the court and take his/her place next to the court.
7. When the ball is thrown on the floor by an opponent, the player closest to that ball has the leave the court.
8. If there are only two players left in the court, these players switch places every time the ball is thrown over the net into the opponent’s court.
9. A player can re-enter the court when a team mate catches the ball.
10. The player that was out of court the longest; returns first and begins closest to the net.
11. When all opponents are removed from the court, the team left scores 1 point.
12. Lines and net faults are accepted on this level.

When is the game dead?
The game is dead when the ball is not caught, which means:
• the ball is thrown out;
• a player dropped the ball;
• the ball was thrown into the net;
• the ball was thrown onto the floor in the opponent’s court.

What happens when the game is dead?
The game is resumed immediately by the player who has the ball at that moment, thrown anywhere in the court. The goal is to resume the game as soon as possible: the number of ball contacts will increase.

When the opponent’s court is empty the team left gets 1 point. The game starts again with 4 against 4 players. Decide beforehand if a match is played to a certain score or a time limit is set.

The graphics show: formation and way of rotation after the ball has crossed the net when the court is filled with four, three or two players.

1. Versatile, quick moving en reaction with constant recognition of the trajectory of the ball, through which the idea of movement of the own body and the ball through space is trained well.
2. The coach needs to stimulate the catching and throwing with two extended arms or hands
3. Throwing can also be done overhead by pushing out the ball. The player can also throw the ball with one hand above his/her head. General goal is a perfect ball-handling.
• Recognition of the trajectory of the ball
• Timing
• Throwing and catching in different ways.
• Footwork (forwards, backwards and to the side)