Levels and rules

What is Cool Moves Volley?
Cool Moves Volley is a game for children between the ages of 6 and 12 that ends the myth that volleyball is a difficult game, and is only for the oldest pupils in the public schools.

Cool Moves Volley is constructed of 6 levels with increasing difficulty. Cool Moves Volley Level 1 – 2 is based on throwing and catching movements and is characterized by plenty of movement and an introduction of the basic volleyball techniques.
Level 3 is the transition play where the second ball must be caught and thrown to the next player, while the first and third ball must be played with regular volleyball hits.
Level 4 – 5 is known by most people as Minivolleyball. A game of 4 on 4 with regular volleyball rules.

The levels and rules:
Level 1 – Rules 1
Level 2 – Rules 2
Level 3 – Rules 3
Level 4 – Rules 4
Level 5 – Rules 5
Level 6 – Rules 6